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ABOUT Corrie Vorlaufer
Q. What is the good of yoga?
C.V. Yoga is for the inner body the same as having a shower or refreshing bath for the outer body.

corrie & child
QWhat does it do for you?
cv  What does it not do for you! Every aspect of life is yoga related. A philosophical outlook on life as well as a caring attitude is nurtured. People matter more. Good health and demeanor are added benefits.

QWhy do you teach yoga?
cv  I find great joy in bringing out the inner child, the playfulness that we lose as we age. The body ages, but the soul is ageless. The posture, self-confidence and health improvement in the student is most gratifying to observe.
Corrie doing backbend at the beach.
QWhat do you want to give to the people you teach?
cv  A sense of balance in their lives, between the have tos and the want tos. What is good for the body and what is good for the inner inhabitant.

QYou have considerable passion for yoga. You do courses. You update continually.
cv  One should never rest on one's laurels. There is so much to learn and the more you learn the more you discover how much you still do not know anything about it.

QYou make every class different.
Corrie on ropes, upside down
cv  There are so many classical asanas and like music, so many combinations, with each its own aspects and art.

Q Why Iyengar yoga?
cv I am a disciplinarian by nature and Iyengar yoga is focused on attention to detail and discipline.

Johannesburg Dance Foundation

Comoro Health and Raquetball Club

Aids Volunteer/Yoga Teacher

Karate Black Belt

Corrie remembers her teachers over the years.

Winnie Young

... friendly but firm guidance. My participation in squash and baseball was greatly enhanced by the increased flexibility I gained through your classes.
Thx, Howey

Thank you for your endless patience and humour ...

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