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Corrie Vorlaufer
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The students watch Corrie's pose. Corrie helps her students begin the asana.
Corrie's students advance the asana.
Corrie demonstrates a new pose to the class. Corrie leads the class step by step, as the students learn the new asana.
Corrie has been an inspiration both physically and spiritually to her followers, instructing Yoga at the highest level. Her dedication to teaching is made obvious by the many qualifications she holds ...

One of Corrie's strongest points is her ability to motivate and encourage every one of her students, from the most advanced to the beginner ... all during the same session.
Johannesburg Dance Foundation

Comoro Health and Raquetball Club

Aids Volunteer/Yoga Teacher

Karate Black Belt

Corrie remembers her teachers over the years.

Winnie Young

... friendly but firm guidance. My participation in squash and baseball was greatly enhanced by the increased flexibility I gained through your classes.
Thx, Howey

Thank you for your endless patience and humour ...

Corrie held Yoga classes for the patients and nurses in one of the AIDS sections, which was to help pain control and to help patients regain self worth. She also transported patients to and from Hospice to Share Care once a week.
... her commitment and support to Hospice were invaluable.

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