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Andrea AC
Thank you for your endless patience and humour while sharing your knowledge of this many faceted practice called yoga. It has allowed me to look inside myself and to find an inner tranquility that has been missing from my life for a long time. I look forward to our future association and growth.

Thank you so much for your class! I was a yoga skeptic. But now I love it! You are a great instructor! Have a beautiful holiday.

Thanks for all the yoga inspiration and your commitment to teaching us.

For your knowledge and wisdom, thank you.
For your care and concern, thank you.
For your input and guidance, thank you.

I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done. You and your teaching have changed my life and though it will be different without you teaching me, I look forward to having you in my life forever. ...

Health Racq
For all the dedication, the enthusiasm and the high standard you have maintained throughout.

It's been a great year for me, learning from your endless wisdom - Thank you!

Howie 2
I am really enjoying your classes and see the benefits of yoga in other activities I'm involved in! Thanks!

... friendly but firm guidance. My participation in squash and baseball was greatly enhanced by the increased flexibility I gained through your classes.
Thx, Howie

Thank you for teaching me. I benefit so much it is hard to put them in words.

Dear Corrie,
It is lovely to have a yoga teacher who combines your skills and your sense of humour.

Many thanks for the sharing of your knowledge and personal philosophy surrounding the practice of yoga.

Louise (S. Africa)
Dearest Corrie,
Thank your for being such a knowledgeable and caring teacher. Thank you for inspiring me to strive to ...

Thank you for being such a good teacher and such an inspiration!
Love, Martha

Your steadiness of presence has always been reassuring to me, and watching you with unwavering strength overcome obstacles that on ...

Thank you for being such an inspirational person -- we're lucky to have found you as our yoga teacher.

Thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of yoga. Yoga has certainly helped to balance out my fitness activities. You make yoga fun, interesting and challenging. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for all your words of kindness & encouragement.

South African Students
You have taught us so much and above all you've earned utmost respect --May God bless you and your ...

... You are a truly gifted yoga teacher.

... and I applaud you focus on detail and strong correction. ...

You are a great inspiration, a respected teacher and your unique personality will be missed in Burnaby.

Corrie is the BEST! As a new student of yoga, I had no idea what to expect from a yoga class. Corrie's tough yet gentle approach always made me want to come back for more and more classes. Her passion and commitment to the practice is evident from her execution of the poses to her wealth of positive stories and passages that she shares with the class.

With my own fitness background I can certainly appreciate the years of education and practice that Corrie has acquired and love the practical applications of the poses. I love how Corrie explains the benefits of each pose and how a pose can assist the body in remedying ailments or improving flexibility. I am so glad that my first experience of yoga was with Corrie. I am an Iyengar student for life!

Johannesburg Dance Foundation

Comoro Health and Raquetball Club

Aids Volunteer/Yoga Teacher

Karate Black Belt

Corrie remembers her teachers over the years.

Winnie Young

... friendly but firm guidance. My participation in squash and baseball was greatly enhanced by the increased flexibility I gained through your classes.
Thx, Howey

Thank you for your endless patience and humour ...

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