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Winnie Young
BKS Iyengar and Winnie Young in the late 1960s.
Winnie Young passed away April 25, 2008.
She was 96 years and 5 months.

Benefits of the standing poses:
Improve posture; bring poise and balance to the body and mind; correct and halt deformity; make leg, arm and spine muscles function correctly; cure stiffness in joints; create vigour and energy; tone abdominal organs; harmonise the glands; expel toxins and poisons; especially after illness; expand the chest and so improve breathing capacity.

Benefits of forward bends - frontal stretches:
They are soothing and calming to the nerves and emotions; the body becomes rejuvenated and fatigue is destroyed; internal organs and the glandular system are exercised and toned and made to function better; spine and muscles become flexible; joints lose their stiffness. Some are of particular help in menstrual difficulties.

Benefits of the spinal twist:
Makes the back supple and free from pain; tones and rejuvenates abdominal organs; strengthens and make the joints supple; it is a boon to sufferers from arthritis.

Benefits of the sitting poses:
Strengthen the spine; cure rheumatic pains and gout; help sprains in ankle and foot; cure urinary troubles because the operative muscles are strengthened; internal organs are kept healthy with an increased blood supply; some help the ovaries to function and keep the prostrate healthy.

Benefits of the raised poses:
Achieving these establishes self-confidence and brings poise and balance to the body; weak wrists and shoulders and arms are strengthened; arthritic pain in those areas eases; intestines and abdominal muscles grow stronger.

Benefits of backbends:
They are dynamic; energise and revitalise the body, lift mental depression; dispel inertia; elasticise the spine and the muscles; allow hernia weakness to be corrected; eliminate minor ailments from the body; promote a zest for life.

Benefits of head balance:
Improves sleep, memory, vitality; lungs are strengthened to resist disease. Increases the blood content; develops the body; disciplines the mind and controls the senses; relieves palpitations, constipation and fatigue; creates a feeling of exhilaration and well-being; dissipates morbidity and mental depression.

Benefits of shoulder balance:
A panacea for most common ailments; especially chest complaints; enables the glands to function properly; eases the heart, soothes the nerves; corrects irritability; insomnia and constipation; relieves stomach ulcers and pain in the intestines, brings back lost vitality; establishes confidence.

At the end, deliberate and conscious RELAXATION at the end of a workout to allow time for renewal of the energy that is constantly drained from the body.

Johannesburg Dance Foundation

Comoro Health and Raquetball Club

Aids Volunteer/Yoga Teacher

Karate Black Belt

Corrie remembers her teachers over the years.

Winnie Young

... friendly but firm guidance. My participation in squash and baseball was greatly enhanced by the increased flexibility I gained through your classes.
Thx, Howey

Thank you for your endless patience and humour ...

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